a dark comedy in two acts

4 f/3 m

“It’s only terrorism if it doesn’t work. When it works, we call it a revolution.”

An out lesbian state senator is up for re-election. Her female opponent is a moderate conservative who’s aligned herself with right-wing extremists. They’re locked in a tight race in which each side dog-whistles to its base and any event can become instantaneously politicized.

When a gay man is bashed with a baseball bat and left to die, his ex-boyfriend, a campaign aide for the incumbent senator, is enraged. But it’s the unwillingness of his boss to label it a hate-crime that tips him over the edge.

Teaming up with his best friend, the two men embark on a vendetta of sabotage and assassinations, reasoning that if gays aren’t respected enough to win equal justice and rights, fear will achieve what good intentions and politics cannot.

Vicious, deliciously subversive, brutal and breathtakingly funny, this dystopian revenge tragedy pushes every button.



© 2019 by Topher Payne




Scott Halle, Gramercy Park Entertainment

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