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topher fixed it

parody alternate endings to beloved but problematic

children's literature

Ever settle in with the young person in your life to read one of your childhood favorites, like THE GIVING TREE or THE RAINBOW FISH, only to get halfway through it and go, "Wait, WHAT?"

Well, good news.

I fixed it.

Okay, not actually "fixed it." The original works aren't broken. They're beloved by many, and rightfully so. But each one offers up a key moment when the story takes a turn, and in the parodies I explore what would happen if a different choice were made.

The alternate endings are available for you to print for free. If you enjoy them, I happily accept TIPS FOR TOPHER via PayPal.

And I hope you'll learn more about The Atlanta Artist Relief Fund, which is providing crucial assistance to my colleagues during the COVID crisis.

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