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Kate Donadio, Kelly Criss, and Gina Rickicki in Topher Payne's MORNINGSIDE at Georgia Ensemble Theatre

the baby shower

a comedy in two acts
9 f

Here's the thing about baby showers: No one actually wants to be there. But there are certain rituals we follow, for the sake of tradition and a gift registry. Nine women have gathered at Grace Driscoll's beautifully appointed home, fully expecting to go through the motions of social niceties. But an unforseen event in Grace's life, and a few unexpected guests, send the party careening into uncharted territory.

Simmering resentment, cutthroat professional conflict, fierce battles of will... these are 21st century Southern women, and they have no interest in blessing your heart.

(Originally produced under the title "Morningside.")

Baby Shower Cover Mini.jpg

“Deft and bristling… Though the story starts off as a snarky romp in which characters toss off one-liners like candy wrappers, it’s no pacifier. Payne is a formidable combination of acid and honey.” - THE ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION

“There’s something about the South and a group of women (some of whom are related) that is alternately touching and tense. When they’re all friends, it’s touching; when they’re all family, it’s mostly tense. But blend those two, and the result shows you the perfect amount of pathos, empathy, and humor. Such is the case with Topher Payne’s play." - CREATIVE LOAFING TAMPA BAY


“A vibrant chamber piece… grounded with moving revelations, trenchant self-discoveries, drunken miscommunications, and, above all, a veritable symphony of the sort of clever and lyrical dialogue at which Mr. Payne excels. Topher Payne has once again proven that he is a contemporary master of creating roles for women, especially roles for women "of an age" usually ignored by Hollywood (and young playwrights).” - ATLANTA THEATRE BUZZ


“A new addition to all-female ensemble plays in the vein of The Women and Steel Magnolias. This is women behaving badly in the most delightful way, and they keep the laughs rolling from the first nervous breakdown to the last.” - ARTS ATL

  2018 Suzi Bass Awards  

Nominee, Gene-Gabriel Moore Playwriting Award

Nominee, Outstanding World Premiere

Nominee, Outstanding Ensemble

Shelly McCook in Topher Payne's Morningside at Georgia Ensemble
Georgia Ensemble Theatre

Roswell, Georgia

World Premiere, 2017

Morningsideat Camille Playhouse
Camille Playhouse

Brownsville, Texas


Ali Dinkins, Jessica Wilkinson, and Jo Ann Robinson in Topher Payne's Morningside at New Stage Theatre
New Stage Theatre

Jackson, Mississippi


Terrific New Theatre

Birmingham, Alabama


OnStage Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia



Tampa, Florida


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