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rome in love



The life of undiscovered actress Amelia Tate (Italia Ricci) is changed overnight when she's cast as Princess Anna in a remake of Roman Holiday. Once on location in Italy, journalist Philip Hamilton (Peter Porte) is assigned the magazine profile that will introduce her to the world. But when their lives start mirroring the plot of the movie, will they manage to get a happy ending?

Want more insight into the process of writing a romance for

broadcast television? Click on the PDF icon to download the shooting draft of the screenplay for Rome in Love

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Directed by

Eric Bross

Story by

Judd Prakin & Topher Payne

Screenplay by

Topher Payne

Amelia Tate

Italia Ricci

Philip Hamilton

Peter Porte

Betty Richichi

Barbara Bouchet

Dominic D'Andrea

Ross McCall

Kathryn Tate

Isabelle Connolly

Vivien Daniels

Helen Pearson

Sofia Lombardi

Anna Manuelli

Paolo Petruzzi

Vincent Riotta

Vincent Veverito

Gian Marco Tavani

Jonathan Lyman

Jonathan Stoddard

Gina Petruzzi

Cecilia Cinardi

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