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Reno, Nevada. August, 1960.  It is 106 degrees outside. 

Filming on The Misfits is so hopelessly behind schedule that the producers refuse to release Marilyn Monroe to attend the Hollywood opening of her latest film. So Hollywood is coming to Marilyn, and Reno is getting its first movie premiere. 

Elizabeth Taylor has been living in Las Vegas exile since her marriage to Eddie Fisher rocked the scandal sheets, and has been sent to Reno to walk the red carpet at Marilyn's movie. Montgomery Clift is fighting whisper campaigns of his own, and a glamorous glittering event escorting the two most desired women in the world is just what his image needs. 

And then the Sierra Mountains catch fire, grounding flights and blocking all roads in and out of the city. Reno loses power. Paula Strasberg has the generator from the film set brought to the Mapes Hotel, giving Marilyn the only electricity in town, and setting the stage for the strangest slumber party in cinematic history.

This is the untold story of when Hollywood came to the Biggest Little City in the World... for a movie premiere that never happened.



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Scott Halle, Gramercy Park Entertainment

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